Gabby Merch

The Save Gabby Fundraiser was started to help save the life of a three year old husky named Gabby.  She spent a longtime waiting to find her forever home, and just six short months after her arrival Gabby became deathly ill.  She required two life saving surgeries, two blood transfusions, and eight days and nights spent in emergency care.  Now she is home and feeling better with a long and happy life ahead of her, but her human family has a veterinary bill that reached epic proportions.  This merch was created by Texas Love designs in an effort to help her family get out from under the bills that were accrued in order to save her life.  By buying a Save Gabby shirt or mug you will be helping immensely to make a difference in the life of Gabby and her family, and you can proudly show the world that you took part in her recovery.  

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The Save Gabby Auction can be found on Facebook.  It goes live on February 19th at 10pm.  There you can find fabulous items from Gabby's family as well as donations from her friends.  If you would like to donate an item to her auction feel free to contact us at for details on donation.  


The Save Gabby Blog has all the details on her procedures and recovery, and it will be updated regularly by Gabby's mom! For information on direct donation through Gabby's Gofundme account just click the donate button above!  There are many ways to help including sharing this link with your friends and family.  Every little bit helps as we work to get little Gabby on her feet again.  Thank woo for taking the time to visit our site.